Rescue cow loves cuddling his mom and giving kisses

For some animals, sharing attention is not their strong suit. That was the case for Luiza’s rescue cow, Francisco. No matter what time it was, he always wanted his mom’s attention.

Before the lovable cow came to live with his new mom, Francisco had lived at a dairy farm. Luiza adopted him just in time to save him from the slaughterhouse.

After living on a dairy farm, Francisco was anxious around other people. “But slowly he warmed up to me,” said Luiza. “When we introduced him to toys, his playful personality really came out.”

As he grew more comfortable in his new home, he started acting less like a nervous cow and more like a “1-ton baby.” “He loves giving kisses, and he always demands cuddles,” said Luiza.

Francisco loved snuggling his mom so much that he would push away other people when they tried to get Luiza’s attention. But that changed when a special needs pig named Martin arrived at the sanctuary.

Like his bovine brother, Martin had lived on a meat farm before he came. When he arrived, his legs were broken, and he needed help. “Right away, Francisco knew this baby was special,” said Luiza.

Martin wanted Luiza all to himself, but slowly, he and Francisco learned that when it comes to cuddles, the more the merrier. “Francisco cuddles with everyone now,” said Luiza. “He has so much love to give.”

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Rescue cow loves cuddling his mom and giving kisses