Rescue horse opens up when she meets her mini horse boyfriend

Athena is a rescue horse that didn’t learn to open up until she met her new boyfriend, a mini horse named Duke. Jojo and Lakyn remember when Athena looked like a bag of bones.

They bought Athena from an auction and saw she was covered in dirt. She had probably never known love and didn’t understand affection. Athena wouldn’t get close to Jojo and Lakyn.

It took an hour of standing close to Athena until she approached. Athena was depressed, and they wanted to do everything to help her. They had to slowly move for her to trust them.

Then they had another horse named Duke, who was smaller, but he was like Athena. He was lonely and did not have a lot of friends.

Even through a fence, Duke and Athena were instantly friends. When they started hanging out in the same pastures, they never wanted to be separated. Athena and Duke began doing everything together.

During mealtime, Duke stands under Athena so he can grab whatever she drops. Duke also guards Athena when she eats and checks that no one is behind her.

Duke and Athena hate being separated. Athena has made significant progress and now enjoys being loved and has reached a healthy weight. They have been an inspiration to Jojo and Lakyn to save more horses.

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Rescue horse opens up when she meets her mini horse boyfriend