Rottweiler always guards her family’s bread when they leave

This clever dog is really trying to guard family’s bread by all means.

Most families seek a good guard dog to protect them and their property. However, Jakey, this cute Rottweiler, has a different point of view about it.

Every time they leave the house, she hides the bread around the home to protect it from thieves.

Katrina Frank, Jakey’s mom, posted Jakey videos on Instagram and a lot of people wanted to know more about why Jakey is so protective over bread. Katrina answered that this started four years ago when they moved to their farm.

Every time they leave the house Jakey finds the bread and hides it. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a bread box or in the refrigerator.

However, the hidden bread isn’t tossed all over the house or chewed up.
Jakey never has a bite; she just takes and hides the bread until the family returns to the house.
It seems like this clever dog knows that bakery is something important and guards it.

Videos of Jakey guarding the family’s bread have gone viral on social media. When the family returns home, the dog leads them to secret places. The mission is over.

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Rottweiler always guards her family’s bread when they leave