Santa Finds Forever Home for Giant Great Dane

In the wise words of a dear old friend of mine, “The greatest gifts in life are not wrapped in paper but in love.” That’s something that Goliath, a magnificent Great Dane, came to discover on a day filled with surprises, love, and, above all, a home for Christmas.

Goliath’s story begins on a rather sad note. A nine-year-old giant rescue Great Dane, abandoned at Reversed Rescue’s front gate in Leona Valley, California. The sight was heartbreaking as Goliath was emaciated to the point where one could see his bones. The family who left him there must have found it difficult to care for such a large breed, standing tall as 32 inches at the shoulder.

Great Danes, though gentle in temperament, do require special care due to their size. Their large stature, which often intimidates people, was making it hard for Goliath to find a forever home.

Tye Friis, the founder of Reversed Rescue, knew that Goliath deserved love and attention. Along with Rocky Kanaka, a renowned pet rescue advocate, they decided to make one day exceptionally special for this gentle giant. They took Goliath on a shopping spree to a pet store, buying him everything he touched.

His adventures in the store are the stuff of legends! He ran around, nose touching toys, canned dog food, and even one of the largest dog bones available. He seemed to understand that this day was his, and he was going to make the most of it. He even sneakily started eating straight from a container of cookies! Triis and Kanaka chuckled, pulling him away, their cart now full of treats and toys perfect for Goliath’s size.

The real magic, though, was yet to happen.

The day culminated with a visit from Santa Claus himself, ready to break the good news. After a playful session with Goliath, Santa shared the most beautiful surprise: Goliath was going to be adopted. The curtain opened, and Triis walked in, telling Kanaka, “I am. I can’t let him go.” The hug they shared, a gentle giant and his rescuer, now owner, was filled with love and understanding.

It reminded me of a story back in my days as a veterinarian. I once treated a dog, not unlike Goliath, who had been through trials and tribulations but found solace in the arms of those who cared. That dog’s eyes had the same gleam of recognition and gratitude I see in Goliath’s. It’s a connection only those who truly understand animals can recognize.

The story of Goliath is a Christmas miracle, but it’s also a reminder of the millions of dogs like him in animal shelters and rescues around the country waiting to be adopted. Goliath’s joy, his new forever home, resonates with the spirit of giving, compassion, and understanding that we all seek, especially during the holiday season.

Why not consider adopting a shelter pet? Let’s make a difference in the lives of these beautiful creatures. Share Goliath’s story, and you might inspire someone else to take that step, giving a loving home to an animal in need. After all, the greatest gifts are wrapped in love.

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Santa Finds Forever Home for Giant Great Dane