Wheelchair Gives Miniature Horse a Chance to Run

There’s an innate desire in all of us to move freely. To dance in the rain, to walk on a sunlit path, or simply to run just because we can. Sadly, not all beings are granted this freedom from the start. Enter Turbo, the 3-month-old miniature horse whose early life was marked by an inability to use his hind legs due to a congenital defect. But the glow on Turbo’s face when he finally raced around, propelled by a shiny new wheelchair, was the embodiment of pure, unadulterated happiness.

Turbo, due to two luxating patellae, had always walked with a hunch, pushing down on his front legs. His mobility was a challenge, and a future where he could frolic around like his peers seemed distant. But fate had other plans for this spirited little one.

Enter the Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary, a beacon of hope nestled in North Haven, Connecticut. Megan Pereira, the heart and soul behind this sanctuary, has always been a beacon of hope for special animals. Working as an animal vet tech, she had seen her fair share of farm animals being euthanized. Thus, her sanctuary came into being, primarily to offer a haven for these beings. Megan mentioned to Walkin’ Pets, “I lean towards the special needs ones, the broken ones, the really medical intensive cases.”

Having previously aided a goat named Peaches with mobility issues by providing a wheelchair, Megan knew she could extend the same support to Turbo. The team at Walkin’ Pets mobility company felt Turbo’s heartwarming story and donated a wheelchair for him. The magic unfolded the moment Turbo was introduced to his wheelchair. Even before he was securely strapped in, he was off! The sight of Turbo, in sheer ecstasy, racing and bucking in his wheelchair, can melt even the toughest of hearts.

Witnessing Turbo’s transformation evoked deep emotions in Megan, “Seeing Turbo ‘walk’ before any assistance, dragging his legs, and then in his cart – I almost started crying. He was running, bucking – it was all so exhilarating.”

Turbo, whom Megan lovingly calls her “unicorn,” went through surgeries on both his legs. His journey to recovery had begun, filled with hope and determination. “My sweet little unicorn is out of surgery… He is doing very well post-op. There’s always a risk, but I’m cautiously optimistic!” Megan updated on the sanctuary’s Facebook page.

The sanctuary, spanning a serene 10 acres, has been home to 70 rescued animals since its inception. Megan and her team at Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary continue to strive and provide a better life for animals like Turbo.

Turbo’s tale is not just about an adorable mini horse finding joy in running. It’s about the endless possibilities when love, care, and community come together. Turbo’s story serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of special animals and the humans who go above and beyond for them.

To witness this little bundle of joy taking his delightful steps, do watch the video. Feel inspired? You can also support Turbo and his friends at the Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary. And remember, every being deserves love and a chance at a fulfilling life.

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Wheelchair Gives Miniature Horse a Chance to Run