Not Everyone Is Aware Of A Dog’s Mood – These Tips May Help You Not Get Bitten

Not Everyone Is Aware Of A Dog's Mood – These Tips May Help You Not Get Bitten

One of the main reasons that people go to the emergency room is for dog bites. They can range from relatively mild like being bitten once on the hand to being mauled. The problem is, these dogs can then be labeled as being aggressive when all they were really trying to do was defend their own space and boundaries.

‘How could we know?’ some people may ask. Well, this video here can show you warning signs so that you know to steer clear of a dog. The video is illustrated by the late Dr. Sophia Yin, who was one of the most renowned animal behaviorists.

We see a dog sleeping in a room. Suddenly, his head perks up. Someone is coming. Seconds later, the door opens and shows a young boy coming in. He probably wandered away from his parents. The boy starts approaching the dog – who is starting to get nervous and begins to show the warning signs of a dog feeling intimidated.

First, the dog takes a step back. His ears flatten, and he cowers while tucking his tail in. The boy advances a bit, and the dog turns his head to the side like ‘I need space’ and also starts nervously licking his lips. Then he stiffens his body and glares at the boy, who is oblivious to all of the signs.

The boy advances and extends his hand – and the dog snarls and attacks, which ends the video. Wow. So, what do you do if you see a dog that you or your child wants to pet? There’s ‘ABC’: Ask your parent or the doggie’s mommy or daddy if it’s OK to pet the pooch; Be still if you see the dog showing behavior as I listed above; and ‘Coochie Coo’ on the side of the canine’s neck to show that you’re not aggressive.

Nothing’s 100 percent perfect, and dogs can change their mood at a whim, but you tilt the odds in your favor by following these ‘ABC’s. Whew – a 36-second video that will teach you a LOT. I found this really informative. Check it out in the video we have posted below.

Not Everyone Is Aware Of A Dog\'s Mood – These Tips May Help You Not Get Bitten