‘Serious’ American Akita falls head over heels for the blow dryer

Once upon a time, there was an old saying that warmed the hearts of many: “A creature’s simplest joys are often the most profound.” Through my years as a veterinarian, I witnessed countless animals reveal their quirks and eccentricities, showing that even the most serious of creatures have their own unique way of expressing joy.

One day, not too long ago, a tale came to my ears about an American Akita named Kuma. Now, Akitas, known for their historical roles as hunting and fighting companions, are also symbols of health, longevity, and happiness in Japan. Their origins mean that they are naturally poised, often with a stoic demeanor. And Kuma was no different. With a face that rarely gave away his feelings, he looked every bit the serious and contemplative canine.

Vanessa, a professional pet groomer who shares her grooming tales on her YouTube channel “Girl With The Dogs,” had an interesting encounter with Kuma. She had groomed countless dogs, many of whom displayed a vast range of emotions. Yet, Kuma remained an enigma, staring with an almost judgy glance, reminiscent of a parent after a less-than-stellar parent-teacher conference.

But as the old adage goes, “Every creature has its Achilles’ heel.” For Kuma, this moment of unbridled joy came with the hum of the blow dryer. As the warm gusts caressed his fur, Kuma’s once expressionless face revealed sheer bliss. Those watching could see his hind feet quiver in delight, and at moments, he’d lean into the blow dryer, soaking in every second of this newfound ecstasy.

The change was so stark and endearing, it left many who saw the video chuckling at the juxtaposition. Comments on the video poured in, jesting about Kuma’s two states: “Blowdry bliss” and “Stoic confidence.”

It’s these small moments, the unanticipated reactions, that remind us of the rich emotional tapestry animals possess. Kuma, with his stern face and unexpected love for the blow dryer, is a testament to that.

Seeing such joy emerge from a typically reserved dog, well, it tugs at the heartstrings. Every creature has its simple pleasures. For some dogs, it’s a game of fetch. For cats, it might be a cardboard box. And for Kuma, it’s the warm embrace of a blow dryer.

If you’ve ever witnessed a pet find joy in the unexpected, cherish that moment. And if you’d like to spread a little warmth, share Kuma’s tale with your friends and family. Who knows, it might just inspire them to make a little difference in the world of animal welfare.

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\'Serious\' American Akita falls head over heels for the blow dryer