Smallest horse in the world won’t stop following his dad around

Smallest horse in the world

Peabody, Pea for short, is the smallest horse in the world at 16 and a half inches. Faith rescued him after she got a call from a veterinarian who said they were going to put him down.

When Pea was born, he had crooked legs, and his jaw was misaligned, so he had trouble chewing. Faith had two days to pick him up, and she drove across the country to rescue him.

She took Pea to the hotel room, and he slept soundly on the bed. His tongue stuck out of his mouth because of his jaw. Faith knew she made the right decision.

Her husband Adam immediately fell in love with Pea as soon as he saw him. They wrapped Pea’s legs to help straighten them, and they found he loved to eat.

Weeks passed, and Pea grew to be happy and healthy. He loves to run around the backyard and hang out with the Frenchies, and Faith says he probably thinks he’s a dog.

Pea’s legs straightened out, he had special shoes for his feet, and his jaw aligned as his head grew. Adam has a problem because Pea follows him when he tries to leave for work.

Faith has found that Pea is a cross between an angel and a devil, and he loves to be mischievous and cuddle and relax. People think that Pea is one in a million, but Faith prefers to call him once in a lifetime.

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Smallest horse in the world won’t stop following his dad around