A Stray Puppy Was Rescued In The Street. Don’t Miss What His Mom Did Afterwards… Aww

As we’ve seen many times before, life for dogs without a home is unforgiving and painful. Luckily, there are many organizations, such as the heroic Hope For Paws, that help out these poor pups living in the worst conditions and help them find a new place to stay. In the video we put for you below, we see the story of how they rescued a mother dog and her puppy, who were living near a very traffic-heavy highway. This had to be a very careful rescue, because the dogs could get scared and run away towards the freeway when they saw humans coming for them.

When Eldad, the Hope For Paws staff member we’ve seen in other videos before, got to the scene, he along with his team finds the little puppy first, and his mom comes to guard him soon after. They surely didn’t expect their lives to change for the best that day! The mom was called ‘Oreo’ , and her pup was aptly named ‘Cookie monster’ after her. The citizens who reported them even went to help out on their rescue, and now they’re in safety, waiting for people to adopt them and give them a new home.

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A Stray Puppy Was Rescued In The Street. Don\'t Miss What His Mom Did Afterwards... Aww