Sweet puppy has the biggest smile when her parents come home

From the second the adorable Pit Bull puppy, Layla, arrived at her shelter, she had everyone around her cooing. Every second she was at the shelter, there was a big grin on Layla’s face.

Before sweet Layla had been brought to the shelter, her rescuers had found her on the side of the highway. If they had not stepped in to rescue her, a car might have hit her.

When Nicole saw the shelter’s social media post about the “smiling dog,” she knew she wanted to bring that adorable puppy home with her. And from the second the two of them met, it was love at first sight.

“The first night, she walked in and was like ‘BOOM! This is my new place!’” said Nicole’s partner, Matthew. But Nicole and her partner, Matthew, still needed to introduce her to the rest of the family. They decided to go one at a time, so they would not overwhelm her or their other fur babies.

While their dog, Lady, accepted Layla without batting an eye, Sadie and Brutus were not as convinced. At first, Sadie acted like Layla did not exist, and Brutus was curmudgeonly about sharing his bed with another dog, even a cute puppy.

Eventually, they were all one big happy family. Sadie and Layla did everything together, and Brutus let Layla snuggle up with him on his dog bed. Layla was officially one of the pack!

Layla quickly became an integral part of their big family, and every day, Nicole and Matthew came home to Layla’s adorable smile. “We are suckers for cute little animals that need help,” said Nicole.

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Sweet puppy has the biggest smile when her parents come home