Tango the vocal Quaker parrot does the best Tweety Bird impression

Tango the Vocal Quaker Parrot

Parrots are highly intelligent creatures, especially with their ability to mimic complex sounds and human speech. It is possible to have an entire conversation with a well-equipped parrot.

On top of a tall table Tango the Quaker parrot stood. Across from him were his two friends, Diesel the cat, and a woman holding him. He watched them carefully, thinking of the next words he should say.

Words are important, Tango knew this. There is power in them, and he has learned so much from observing everything around him. The woman and Diesel were on the edge of their seats.

Tango thought back to something he saw and then he knew exactly what to say in this moment. “I tawt I taw a puddy cat,” he said loudly and proudly.

He learned the line from a bright yellow fellow named Tweety Bird. The woman agreed with Tango, saying that he did see a cat. Tango was referring to Diesel of course.

There was a big smile on the woman’s face and Tango felt very proud at that moment. His friend Diesel looked at him as if he was going to reply, but nothing came out.

Since his line got the woman to smile, he repeated it one last time before strutting away. It got the woman to laugh, and Tango knew he did well.

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Tango the vocal Quaker parrot does the best Tweety Bird impression