Tearful Reunion For Precious Dog And Original Owners

Reunions are heart breaking. In so many ways. Firstly, the pain of being apart from your loved ones and family members is a tough thing to bear. Distance and time can pull two loved ones apart, but the joy when a reunion takes place is simply indescribable.

This video shows us how bonds really can’t be broken, no matter how long you’ve been apart. It is possible to pick up where you left off. When Cayenne was separated from her owners, she was heartbroken. She probably didn’t think it would be possible to see them again.

But things began to look up for her when her original owners were tracked down. On learning where she was, they made a trip down to meet her. It’s like she could tell they were coming closer. At the sounds of the approaching car, Cayenne started wagging her tail madly and started becoming really excited. This is all without even seeing the car from inside where she was.

By the time they showed up at the door, Cayenne was already there eagerly waiting for them. You can tell that she’s over the moon at seeing them, and the tearful reunion brought tears but laughter as well as the joyful dog pranced around in glee, licking her owners, overcome with emotion.

You may be forgiven for thinking that the dog is crying, because it looks like she’s just going bonkers with joy. You know something? I feel a little tearful myself after watching this tearful reunion. What did you think of the video? Has your pet ever gone missing and have you experienced a tearful reunion as well? We love hearing from you. Do write in with your stories and message sin the comments section below.

Tearful Reunion For Precious Dog And Original Owners