These popular pet myths may be harming your furbabies

If you’ve ever heard these popular myths, you might be wondering how true they are. This well-researched video debunks some of the most harmful pet myths.

Whether you own a dog, cat, rat, horse, or goldfish, there’s a chance you’ve heard some unbelievable myths about them. From behavior to their sleeping patterns, so much of what we know about our pets may be wrong.

Dogs, for instance, can see a spectrum of colors, mostly blues, yellows, and greys. Rats aren’t dirty, and horses can only enter deep sleep when they’re laying down. And goldfish? Goldfish remember everything.

While none of these myths are actively harming your pet, busting them can only help improve your relationship with your furbabies. There is so much about our pets that can we can decipher with the help of recent science.

It’s important to keep on top of the latest information about dog years, purring, and more behaviors that we might not understand. Sometimes, that’s the only way that you can know when something is wrong.

So keep your eye out for these 17 myths. While some of these myths have entered the sphere of ‘common knowledge’, many of them are just that – myths! The truth may be vastly different.

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These popular pet myths may be harming your furbabies