This Sweet Cat Attempting To Calm The Baby Deserves A Babysitting Award

While the parents of the baby are busy filming everything, this sweet little cat (and oh my gosh, is she adorable) is left to babysit! At first, things are going ok; she’s ‘holding’ the baby in place with her paws on his knee, but then, the baby starts kicking his legs around in excitement – no doubt for the person behind the camera.

This patient cat carefully keeps her little paws on the baby, almost like she is protecting him and trying to calm him. After a while, her pal, the dog crosses the room, and she turns to him in what could be an attempt to get additional help with this tiny human.

Of course the dog doesn’t come to help her, but with her paws still gently moving with the baby’s knee, the baby calms down – only to start acting out again and the cat having to calm her down once more. This cat deserves a babysitting award, indeed.

While this attempt to calm the baby may not have gone to plan, it can be assumed that these two will spend plenty of time cuddling in the years to come. What a sweet friendship in the making.