This couple’s mega bed welcomes all eight of their rescue dogs for cozy nights

There’s an unmistakable warmth that fills the air when love combines with boundless enthusiasm. Picture this: a sprawling bed, crafted with precision, strong enough to bear the collective weight of dreams, memories, and eight rescue dogs. In this tale, every slumber brings together the love story of Chris, Mareisa, and their furry family.

Chris and Mareisa Hughes weren’t just another pair. They were soulmates brought together by an insatiable love for dogs. Their lives had been interwoven with paw prints and wagging tails long before their paths crossed. Mareisa walked life’s journey with two dogs, while Chris had six companions, each with a history, each with a tale to tell.

Their union brought together eight personalities, each dog bearing its own unique past. Some were once lost, wandering souls, like Meatball, who had faced the heartbreak of being returned thrice. Others like Sam had known fear and anxiety, and Moses, who unfortunately succumbed to cancer, became an emblem of love and resilience in their lives. His memory inspired them to create The Mr. Mo Project, a sanctuary for older and ailing dogs seeking their forever homes.

The idea was not just to rescue but to provide these dogs with a life of unparalleled luxury and comfort. With eight dogs in tow, a normal bed just wouldn’t suffice. So, they envisioned a masterpiece – a king-sized bed where every dog, big or small, would have a place. Local craftsman Mike Ford brought this vision to life, constructing a sturdy cherry wood bed with steps for the tinier pups and drawers for additional storage. And as a homage to his late dog Bailey, a loving pawprint was etched onto the bed.

The joy this bed brought into their home was palpable. Mariesa shared her nightly escapades, “I’m like a contortionist with Stig spooning me and Gremlin between my legs and Sam sharing my pillow. They love to just be near us. So however we can make that happen, they’re happy.” Their lives, intertwined with puppy playdates at parks and snuggles on the couch, became a heartwarming tapestry of love.

Time, as it always does, moved on. New dogs entered their lives, while some old souls departed. But the Hughes’ love remained unchanged, as radiant and unwavering as ever. To peek into their world is to realize that sometimes, love truly knows no bounds.

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This couple\'s mega bed welcomes all eight of their rescue dogs for cozy nights