Compilation Of ‘Cats On Two Legs’ Will Leave You Laughing All Day

Compilation Of 'Cats On Two Legs' Will Leave You Laughing All Day

Kittens and cats pretty much rule the Internet today. It’s easy to explain the takeover due to their beautiful souls and how funny they can be, not to mention totally unpredictable. When I came across this short video, my heart almost exploded with joy.

This is a hilarious compilation of cats that are, for whatever reason, going around on just their hind legs. Hence the ‘cats on two legs’ name of the video. Some of these are down-right knee-slapping funny like the cat who walks backward for ages.

One adorable kitten, on two legs, of course, patiently waits for her mom to make the bed while another cat appears to be terrified of a Nike shoe box. These felines are just hilarious. It isn’t just standing on the two feet, but their facial expressions are priceless.

This might be, hands down, the king of all viral cat videos and just think about what a compliment that is. So many cat videos out there on the net, and this one, in our opinion, is the funniest thing that you might ever see in your life. Please check it out for yourself below.

Compilation Of \'Cats On Two Legs\' Will Leave You Laughing All Day