Trapped kitten takes the leap of faith into an umbrella

This is one lucky cat. Trapped and seemingly bothered, this fortunate cat was noticed by two little boys and successfully rescued him.

Cats are known for their curious personality, and this particular kitten lost his way and found himself stuck on a balcony. Fortunately, a pair of young schoolboys spotted the poor cat and took matters into their own hands.

To prevent the cat from falling, the adorable duo, with their quick wits and imagination, managed to find a solution to provide the cat with a platform to jump on.

With only their determination and umbrella in hand, the pair immediately assisted each other, prompting the umbrella upside down and patiently waited for the cat to jump.

Moments later, the brave kitten, who seemed to understand what the boys were doing, crawls carefully and eventually takes the leap of faith needed to escape his entrapment.

With over 8 million views, I think everyone agrees that while this cat may not be fortunate that day, he was still lucky in some way because he met and was rescued by this pair of intelligent and loving superheroes.

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Trapped kitten takes the leap of faith into an umbrella