Two adorable goslings grow twice their original size in just one week

Despina got a call about two goslings that had just hatched, so she went to bring them back to her home as soon as possible. She and her partner Deivids live in an old farmhouse in Latvia.

In their home, they already have an adult male goose, so they were a bit worried about how he would react. On the first day, the adorable yellow goslings could not yet walk.

When the goose saw the tiny babies, he hissed at them, so Despina took them away from him first. Then the goslings were able to walk reasonably well on the second day.

Once it gets to the third day, the babies are energetic and playful. Despina and Deivids are careful with the adult goose because they’re not sure what he is thinking.

They give the goslings a bath under the sun, and the babies swim and play in the water. Over the next few days, they make sure their goose grows more comfortable with the babies.

It seems that the geese have grown more secure with each other. The adult goose actually appears quite protective over them. While the goslings are taking a bath, he sticks his head into the water.

After one week, the babies have grown more than twice the size they started at. Despina is a bit sad because she liked it when they were cute and tiny. But she knows it is an excellent sign that they are thrilled and healthy.

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Two adorable goslings grow twice their original size in just one week