Two Cats and One Bowl of Food Doesn’t Jive. See how These Cats Takes Matters Into Their Own Paws

Cats have a particular personality trait – they don’t like to share. And when it comes to eating? They really don’t like to share.

This compilation below is of some hilarious moments where some pet parents were able to film their furry friends sharing their dinners. Well, actually, not sharing is what is happening here.

These guys are so funny to watch. Some of these cats and kittens are hysterical. One even shoves his buddy’s face right into the bowl. Sometimes it is the pet mom or dad who is taunting the cat, but the reactions are worth their teasing – though I wouldn’t recommend trying it with a dog.

This is one compilation that is definitely worth your time to watch. Warning – it is a lot of cute, and a lot of funny. You can’t help but laugh.