Two-legged puppy had no friends until she met her perfect match

IHOP is a two-legged puppy who didn’t have a friend until she met Waffles, a Great Dane who couldn’t properly control her legs. The family who originally had IHOP planned to euthanize her.

Thankfully, IHOP was taken in by Duke and Steph. They saw IHOP’s huge personality and knew she needed a dog friend. It was difficult because IHOP couldn’t keep up with other dogs.

Duke and Steph saw that IHOP’s self-esteem was hurt after realizing she wasn’t like other dogs. Then they got an email about a Great Dane named Waffles who couldn’t use her legs.

There were no expectations of IHOP and Waffles getting along, and they became inseparable from the moment they met. It was as if they were long-lost friends.

When IHOP saw Waffles, she knew that they were similar. Even if Waffles was ten times larger, they played together all the time. Waffles thrived thanks to IHOP’s support.

Many people were interested in adopting IHOP, but Duke and Steph didn’t want to separate IHOP and Waffles since they were bonded. It was wrong to keep them apart.

Duke and Steph decided to keep them together, and they had a lot of space to take care of other special needs dogs. IHOP and Waffles would be there to welcome all the newcomers.

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Two-legged puppy had no friends until she met her perfect match