Unable to fly, the beautiful pigeon becomes one of the dogs

Sue from “The Mia Foundation” adopted a handsome pigeon, Herman. However, she had never seen a bird like him. Somebody had asked Sue if she could take a pigeon that they found sitting in the same spot in a parking lot for a couple of days.

Sue immediately agreed to it. The bird had a peculiar head tilt. He was also starving to death. The rescuer and her husband tube-fed him for a couple of days. The couple suspected that the bird had probably survived a virus that pigeons can get, called PMV. However, he could never regain his ability to fly.

Nobody wanted to take him, and a few shelters told them they would probably euthanize him. But, Sue knew that Herman was not releasable and wanted him to survive. So, she decided to just let him live with them forever.

The spoiled pigeon now walked around the rescue’s home. But whenever Sue saw him, he would be in a dog bed curled up with his dog sibling. The rescuer knew that the puppies did not lack any love because of the kind pigeon.

“The Mia Foundation” got a lot of newborn puppies. He loved the tiny newborns. The pigeon acted as if he was the father. So, Sue started introducing him to new puppies, and the result was the same every time.

Herman would always snuggle with them and even tried preening them. Then that puppy grew and went for adoption. The foundation would get a new puppy. So, he always had these little babies that he wanted to take care of.

Sue just wanted to make Herman’s life meaningful. So, in the summertime, Sue brought the bird outside so that he could walk around in the green grass. The rescuer was amazed at how intelligent, cuddly, and sweet the bird was.

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Unable to fly, the beautiful pigeon becomes one of the dogs