Veterinarian becomes the guardian angel for a 15-year-old dog facing euthanasia

It is often said that every cloud has a silver lining, and this is a sentiment that rings true in the tale of Netty, a senior dog who was surrendered back to the Pennsylvania SPCA shelter by her family after 12 years. They requested her to be euthanized due to some incontinence difficulties she was having at home. Maddie Bernstein, manager of lifesaving at the Pennsylvania SPCA, recalls, “She was returned with a requested euthanasia.” It was a heartbreaking moment, but one that ultimately led to a new chapter in Netty’s life.

The shelter staff, recognizing that Netty still had a lot of life left in her, decided to give her another shot at life. They assessed her health and started her on medications to improve her condition. Netty proved to be a fighter, and her health improved significantly. The shelter then faced the challenge of finding her a new forever home, a task made difficult by her advanced age, which is often a deterrent for potential adopters.

In an effort to find Netty a loving home, the shelter shared her story on Facebook, hoping it would tug at people’s heartstrings and help find her a warm, cozy bed for her remaining years. The post was seen and shared by many, including Amy Kidd, a veterinarian from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Amy and her family had recently lost their 12-year-old dog to cancer and were looking to fill the void with a new senior dog. “As soon as I saw her face, I was like, ‘okay, she’s the one that needs to come to my house,” Amy said.

Amy and her family have a history of fostering senior dogs, some of whom had life expectancies of only one or two months but ended up living up to four years longer in their loving home. “We try to do what’s best for them, as long as we possibly can. Our plan is to only take senior pets into our family, or animals that have problems, need medication and extra care,” Amy explained. With this mindset, they welcomed Netty into their home, where she quickly bonded with the family and their other senior dogs.

Netty’s story is a beautiful reminder that senior dogs have much to offer and deserve to be treated with love and care. Emilea Suplick, Amy’s daughter, said, “She has so much to offer, and we’re so lucky to have her. I hope other people will be inspired by her story and give adult dogs a chance.”

It is essential to remember that older dogs, like Netty, still have a lot of love to give and can bring immense joy to a household. If you are considering adopting a pet, consider giving a senior dog a chance to live out their golden years in a loving home. Please share this story to inspire others to do the same.

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Veterinarian becomes the guardian angel for a 15-year-old dog facing euthanasia