Watch This Amazing Video Of This Energetic Miniature Horse… It’s Is Absolutely Heartwarming!

Horses are majestic creatures, their noble figure and calm demeanor has garnered fans and enthusiasts worldwide. Aside from this, horses have a long relationship with humans; this is behind the amazing chemistry between horses and their riders or caretakers. Today’s story is about a miniature horse, it has all the same characteristics mentioned above, but in a tiny package.
However Miniature horses are not something you see every day, initially bred as pets for the nobility in the 1600s. Their breeding nowadays is heavily regulated in order to avoid dwarfing. This makes Charlie, a miniature horse from Queensland, Australia, incredibly special. Everywhere she goes, she turns heads with her physique and endless energy. It’s a delight to watch this little horse roam around and live life. She looks so carefree!

In the video above, you get a first-hand look at what it’s like to be Charlie. Don’t underestimate this horse because of her size. She might look small, but she sure packs a lot of attitude and energy in that small body of hers.

I’m sure we can all get some inspiration from Charlie’s amazing energy! If this video left a smile on your face, be sure to share it with your friends and family!

Watch This Amazing Video Of This Energetic Miniature Horse... It\'s Is Absolutely Heartwarming!