Group Of Horses Perform A Majestic Synchronized Dressage Routine

Dressage, a form of equine ballet, is actually an Olympic sport. The horse and rider perform a pattern of movements from memory. It is important for the rider to appear relaxed as the horse goes about its business. In many cases, the dressage performance is accompanied by classical music.

It is evident in the video that this sport takes a ridiculous amount of patience, skill, and discipline. One must know the horse very intimately to be able to trust them during their performance completely.

This video comes from the 2014 European dressage tour. Huge crowds came to see these horses perform an incredible synchronized dance routine. In this day and age with CGI and other film manipulations, it’s hard to believe that this is all completely real, but it’s true – the horses really are performing these elegant tricks.

From the exotic arena to the extraordinary grooming of these stunning horses, this performance is a sight to behold — such talent; such skill; such beauty. Below is a video featuring majestic equine beauty at its finest.