Watch This Thrilling Weiner Dog Race… It’s Absolutely

Daschunds are a favorite breed amongst dog owner because of their affable and loving tempers and unique phenotype. The Kerry family is decidedly partial to weiner dogs, you’ll see why in the video above!  They are currently holding th Daschund ‘500’ water race whilst enjoy a sunny day by the outdoor pool along with their pups!

Meet the competitors? Penny a.k.a Half Cent, Valerie a.k.a The Blonde Bombsheck, Zeus a.k.a. Chewie, Snoop a.k.a The Snooper, and Ruby. As you’ll see, ‘snoop’s engines are already running’ as Dad says, and sure enough Snoop is the one paddling away naturally, before even hitting the water. It seems like the odds are in his favor, however if you want to find out the winner of the race it goes without saying that you will have to watch the full event yourself!  It’s a treat to see these adorable pups put their natural talent for swimming on show!

With their short, stocky legs and long bodies, many people are surprised to learn that dachshunds can be quite the swimmers, when introduced to the water properly. They were originally bred to hunt badger and small animals that live under the earth, but also as an all-purpose hunting dogs.

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Watch This Thrilling Weiner Dog Race... It\'s Absolutely