When This Man Invited His Dog Up On Stage No One Was Expecting This!

Talent shows attract all kinds of acts. Generally, they are either really good or really bad. This is an audition video for this act which all of the judges said yes to. So you can at least expect that this will be a fun and interesting act to watch.

61-year-old Marc Métral came on stage and invited his dog, Wendy. Talent show acts with pets are very polarising. There is a reason why there is a saying in Hollywood which goes, “Don’t work with children or animals.” That reason is they can be unpredictable and they may not act the way you think they’re going to.

Clearly, that doesn’t happen in this video. Wendy the dog in this video does everything she’s expected to do. Watch this act and you’ll see why it got a standing ovation, and why all of the judges said they wanted to see more of this.

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