Wide-eyed kitten abandoned by mom finds a best friend

You’re about to meet an adorable kitten who survived being rejected by her mother because there are angels in the world that take the form of human beings.

When Guinness the kitten was born, his mother rejected him. That meant that at three weeks of age, he was no bigger than a newborn.

Thank God he came to the attention of a kindhearted animal rescuer from Florida. Not only was he alarmingly underweight, but there seemed to be something wrong with his eyes.

This required Beth, the animal rescuer, to treat a very nasty infection. Beth didn’t even know if she saved his eyes, but she sure was going to try. Beth nursed Guinness back to health by giving him round the clock care.

Soon, Guinness was not only surviving but thriving. Guinness’s favorite thing to do is to cuddle tightly against Beth and purr himself to sleep. One thing’s for sure — this miracle kitty is one happy camper.

Wide-eyed kitten abandoned by mom finds a best friend