Woman offers hospice home for 850 senior dogs

Most of us love our canine companions. But Valerie, the founder of Whispering Willows, took the concept of being a dog person to the next level with her inspiring organization.

Valerie had no idea her organization would help as many dogs as it has. “When I first started, I thought, ‘I’m just gonna have a couple senior dogs,’” said Valerie.

Within no time at all, that number grew. First, Valerie had 12 dogs, but within a few weeks, that number doubled to over 20 dogs on her property. As of this writing, Valerie has helped over 850 dogs.

While puppies tend to be adopted quickly, senior dogs tend to stay in shelters for longer. Knowing this, Valerie wanted to offer a home for dogs who needed a loving forever home to spend their golden years.

Because of Valerie and her team at Whispering Willows, all of the senior dogs on the property were treated like royalty. The five-acre property was split up into two distinct sides.

One building offered a social space for the older dogs. Here, the residents could interact and relax and play together. The other building on the property offered solitary “suites” for the dogs who needed their alone time.

Taking care of older dogs came with emotional days, but for Valerie and her team, it was worth it. “I feel like the sanctuary has changed my life,” said Valerie. “[It has] helped me fine tune what’s important in life and [understand] the value of the time that we have left.”

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Woman offers hospice home for 850 senior dogs