2 cats bond like brothers and become inseparable

Two adorable cats

When Toby was a kitten, he still remembers the first time he met his older cat brother Timo. Toby sorely misses his brother, who taught him everything he knows about being a cat.

Toby has pristine white fur, while Timo’s is patterned with white, black, and brown. It didn’t take long for them to get close, and Timo constantly groomed Toby.

Timo was Toby’s older brother and mentor. They would walk side by side, with Toby doing his best to imitate how his brother moved, and Toby would copy everything Timo did.

Timo had a hammock he loved to sleep in, and he showed Toby how to hop inside. Eventually, it became one of Toby’s favorite rest spots as well.

Another place they liked to hang out by was the koi pond. Both cats would sit by the edge of the water and watch their fish friends. Timo loved them so much he would stay close even if he didn’t like getting wet.

As a kitten, Toby’s size lets him get away with all sorts of things. He was able to ride the Roomba around the house while Timo could only watch with jealousy.

Timo always acted cool in front of his little brother, and Toby admired that. His older brother Timo was indeed one of a kind.

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2 cats bond like brothers and become inseparable