Abandoned dog gets help from woman to find his forever home

On a chilly day in January 2022, Amy Haden thought it was a regular morning. She got up early with her daughter and prepared for her day. Then her daughter informed her that there was a dog on their patio.

At first, Amy did not understand. “I was already in get-dressed mode, right? And I said, ‘I know I let the dogs out this morning,” said Amy. “And she was like, ‘No, this dog is not ours.’”

When Amy went to look, she saw that, sure enough, a puppy was sitting on one of her patio chairs. When he saw them watching him through the window, his tail immediately started wagging.

From the looks of things, the stray dog was not going anywhere. “It’s like he had taken up residence, right?” said Amy. “Like he completely made himself at home on the cushions, and he just never left.”

The mystery dog became a feature in their home. When they came home from work, the dog would be there, and when they woke up in the morning, the pup would be waiting for them.

Amy did everything she could to return the dog, Walker, to his home. She posted on Facebook and even visited the veterinarian to check his chip. Still, Walker’s previous owners never came forward.

After a month of fostering Walker, Amy found the abandoned pup a forever home with a woman who had been searching for a dog just like him. After all his searching, Walker finally found what he was searching for.

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Abandoned dog gets help from woman to find his forever home