Abused Horses Find Safe Haven at Forever Home Ranch

Round up yer posse and listen close, ’cause I’m about to tell ya a story as real as the hide on yer saddle. Two folks wake up in Texas before the roosters start crowing to feed their beloved horses. That’s Larry and Peggy Neves, providing top-notch breakfast fit for a king.

Their caregiving mission is no easy task – they’ve seen firsthand how humans can affect these noble creatures. But at Forever Home Ranch, there’s no more fear or bruises. Finally, the steeds have found their place of peace.

Larry and Peggy have shared some tumultuous stories of the horse’s past experiences, enough to cause tears in even the toughest John Wayne. Like Shady, an Appaloosa black beauty rescued from a cruel owner who stuck fence staples in his gums, and another poor soul beaten with a baseball bat who barely made it to the ranch.

But things are lookin’ up for these majestic animals. Thanks to the Neves’ tender touch and generous heart, their healing journey has begun! In just two years, these four-legged creatures have been thriving with five-star meals and hoof trimmings every day.

The Neveses have been recognized far and wide for their dedication – showing that horses deserve respect and lots of love and protection! So gather around folks, and let me tell you about this remarkable story of courage and recovery. Saddle up now and catch this must-see video of Forever Home Ranch!

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Abused Horses Find Safe Haven at Forever Home Ranch