Transform Your Horse Care Routine with These Nutritious Smoothies

Horses are majestic, loyal companions that deserve to be nurtured with positive energy. Emma Massingale understands this. She’s an expert in building strong bonds between humans and horses through a unique bonding technique.

In her video tutorial, Emma demonstrated how to make nutritious and delicious smoothies for horses, which add flavor to their necessary deworming paste but also help them develop a trustful relationship with humans.

Each step of the process was carefully crafted to make the experience pleasurable for the horses. For instance, Emma used natural thickening agents to make them more enticing. Furthermore, Emma explained that by offering pleasant experiences with yummy treats, horses would learn how to associate petting and human-equine interactions with something enjoyable.

Summoning different horses one by one, Emma offered her tasty concoction in a syringe, and they welcomed it gladly. Custard, a chestnut mare with a sweet tooth for molasses, was first in line, followed by the little ponies eager to try the snacks offered. Lastly came the grand white Connemara horse and Charlie, the donkey, who didn’t want to miss out on all deliciousness.

The reactions of each equine showed love for their ‘medicine’ as they seemed pleased and excited about it, even nuzzling Emma’s hand afterward as if asking for more.

“It’s just about giving them a nice experience,” said Emma. “If they are happy to have something syringed in their mouths, and they think it’s gonna be a pleasant experience and they’re gonna keep that in their mind when it comes to giving them those things that perhaps don’t taste quite so nice.”

This method is about more than creating compliance through reward systems. It is about forming meaningful connections between humans and horses based on mutual respect and understanding. Thanks to Emma’s approach, deworming can become an opportunity for joyful moments shared between both species that will last forever. Watch this informative and adorable video to learn how to build stronger relationships with your horses.

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Transform Your Horse Care Routine with These Nutritious Smoothies