Adorable Baby Bunnies Think Loving Golden Retriever Is Their Mother

Looking at baby animals is a great way to make yourself smile. Whether it’s their tiny feet, cute wagging tails, or the little noises that they make, they can quickly melt anyone’s heart. Even other animals can’t get enough of newborn critters.

An internet-famous dog named Bailey is known for her beautiful golden coat, kindhearted nature, and heartwarming videos. This time the lovable golden retriever is relaxing on the bed when all of a sudden, we see cute baby bunnies appear.

These little hoppers are just 22 days old, and they believe that their canine companion is their mother. You can see how calm they are around her, just like they would be their mom. Bailey doesn’t mind at all, if anything, she loves it.

The adorable tiny bunnies can be found hopping around Bailey while lying down on the bed, nestling under her fluffy coat, and more. We can’t get enough of this cuteness and hope to see more videos from Bailey like this in the future.

Golden retrievers have a history of being one of the kindest and gentle dog breeds there is. Bailey is a loving retriever who takes in three 22-day old baby bunnies that can’t get enough of the canine’s love. #GoldenRetriever #Dog #Bunnies #Baby