This Amazing K9 Dog Was Shot While Helping His Best Friend On Duty

Dogs are man’s best friend and then some. They are amazing companions and they protect us, and this clip will show you an incredible k9 that was trained specifically to protect America’s finest in uniform. There are thousands of service dogs that are in the line of duty above and beyond friendship. Police departments, fire departments, and even the military have used their skills to carry out skills essential to day to day operations. K9’s that are on police forces have an especially dangerous job and that is what this story is all about.

Meet Bruno, a German Shepherd who was performing his police duty when asked to go into a very dangerous situation with his team. A criminal began shooting at his partner and Bruno jumped in and took several bullets for him. This actually happened back in 2014, but this video still surprises thousands online because of Bruno’s incredible bravery.

Bruno thankfully was able to recover with a lot of help from local vets and able to live a very normal life. Bruno’s partner is eternally grateful and officer Young feels that he owes Bruno his life.

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This Amazing K9 Dog Was Shot While Helping His Best Friend On Duty