This Anxious Dog Won’t Go For Car Rides Unless His Dad Does One Very Important Thing.

It’s a well-known fact that some dogs are just naturally more affectionate than others. Some want to be in the same room with their families at all time, sleep in the same bed, and snuggle up real close whenever they get the chance. We love getting close with our furry friends, so we obviously have no complaints when they’re eager to show some extra love! Not only is it extremely cute, but it can bring our pets a deep sense of security and make us feel more comfortable as well.

While the sweet actions of our beloved pets can often just be proof that they love their parents, sometimes their tendencies to cuddle can be a sign of anxiety, as they just want the comfort of someone they love. Tom the cocker spaniel is one example of an extremely affectionate pup with a lot of love to offer. With a sweet, gentle demeanor, Tom brings his dad a lot of joy. In return, he just needs a little extra care and support.

Though Tom adores going for rides in the car with his family, he tends to get nervous before takeoff. Before they leave for their journey, his dad figured out a way to calm him down and make him feel safe and secure each time they get in the car. It’s too cute for words! You’ll want a companion like Tom to accompany you on your adventures once you realize how adorable this pair is.

Your heart is guaranteed to melt once you see this duo’s special routine for yourself. Their compassion and support for one another is truly admirable! If you can handle the cuteness, watch the video of this special interaction and share it with your friends. Then, leave your thoughts on these sweet friends in the comments!

This Anxious Dog Won\'t Go For Car Rides Unless His Dad Does One Very Important Thing.