When Her Mom Says It’s Time To Exit The Water, This Pooch Throws A Tantrum For The Ages

It’s no doubt that dogs are some of the most entertaining animals out there. With their crazy antics and playful nature, you never know how these pooches are going to react to our commands and requests. It’s hard to be frustrated with them, though, because they’re just so darn cute! They’re incredibly silly, and even if they don’t quite listen to us about something the first time, dogs are far too wonderful to not forgive. Try as we might, when a pooch is passionate about something, there’s really no tearing them away from it.

While it’s pretty safe to say that all dogs are both adorable and excitable, each one is different when it comes to their personalities. Some dogs are extremely vocal, others are extremely stubborn, and some are extremely doofy in the best way possible! Bella, for instance, is one dog who has loads of personality. She’s sure to leave you in stitches with her playful nature when you see her in action!

Bella absolutely loves the water. She’ll splash around for hours without a care in the world, never wanting her day running amidst the waves to end. When her parents brought her for a short swim one day, Bella had no intention of leaving! Her parents tried to coax her out and get her to prepare for her trip home, but she wasn’t having it. Ignoring the wishes of her family, she threw a temper tantrum for the ages that was too funny not to catch on camera!

Wait until you see this hilarious pup refuse to get out of the water. Bella’s one stubborn pooch! I guess some dogs were just meant for the outdoors. Do you think she loves bath time this much? Share this video with your fellow dog-lovers and leave your thoughts in the comments!

When Her Mom Says It\'s Time To Exit The Water, This Pooch Throws A Tantrum For The Ages