This Baby Was Amazed By Bubbles. But When The Dog Jumps In? Don’t Miss Her Reaction, She’s? HILARIOUS!

Young kids are one of the greatest gifts that we have as human beings. They’re adorable, innocent, and very easy to get in a good mood and to smile. They become very attracted to everything they see, and they always want to learn as much as they can of everything. On the video we feature today, you will see a baby being amazed by the most simple things – Bubbles!. Particularly, bubbles that are being attacked by her doggy friend. The way she looks at the dog playing, it’s like she can’t believe it!

Her mom recorded this video as she made some bubbles for her to see and play. She looks at them with awe, and she loves them, but she really gets excited when the dog starts eating them! Her pet friend starts biting at all the bubbles fiercely, confused by their disappearance, and his antics just make the little kid giggle and smile in joy! It’s always adorable to see animals and babies hanging out and becoming best friends since the youngest of ages. They’ll probably be BFF’s!

You can watch the video just below here. What did you think about it? Isn’t it just fun? Tell us all in the comment section!

This Baby Was Amazed By Bubbles. But When The Dog Jumps In? Don\'t Miss Her Reaction, She\'s? HILARIOUS!