Boy adopts alpaca and welcomes him into a new home

When an alpaca was having a bad day, Matt decided to intervene. He saved the alpacas life, and gained a new friend in the process.

For years, Matt has asked his mom about getting a pet. There is nothing that he wanted more than a cat or a dog. Due to the responsibility involved, his mom told him to hold off on the commitment.

This didn’t deter the 13-year-old, who just so happened to have a strong love for nature. It is a quality that he got from his parents.

After talking to his parents again, they decided to take a trip to a farm. But instead of coming home with a dog or a cat, Matt came home with a baby alpaca. He was the smallest of the bunch, but also the one with the most personality.

Matt named his new friend Chewy, and it has been history ever since. The two are always together, and Matt has kept his promise of taking care of Chewy.

Although alpacas are not a common pet, they can be trained. The determination and love from Matt are a big part of why Chewy has a happy home life. It is a heartwarming story that has a happy ending, with many more memories to make.

Boy adopts alpaca and welcomes him into a new home