When Dad Recorded His Dog And His Son, He Wasn’t Expecting To Capture This In His Camera

There is nothing cuter than baby animals, including human babies! Interspecies friendships are my favorite type of videos to find online and the following clip is an endearing example. This friendship between a baby and a dog is very touching and adorable at the same time.

This video is captured by a dad for his son, as a memory and reminder. He has recorded many emotional moments between his son and his dog. Most of the clips from this video have been taken secretly so as not to disturb the flow of friendship between these two, and I think he did the right thing. We can observe the natural relationship between these two friends. It’s obvious the family had the dog first, and that he’s been by the little boy’s side since they brought him home from the hospital.

Dogs are gentle creatures if they are given pure and innocent love. Videos like this one convince me that they are actual angels. This little boy is quite active and the dog is so patient with him, even giving him a ride on his back and laying down to take a nap while the little boy climbs on him. It’s is amazing that humans have been able to cultivate such an amazing relationship through generations!

Be sure to watch this heartwarming video and that you share it with all your animal loving friends! I’m sure this will put a smile on their faces!

Do you have babies and wath them interact with your pets! Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

When Dad Recorded His Dog And His Son, He Wasn\'t Expecting To Capture This In His Camera