‘Dear Kitten’ Installment Is Hilarious Tribute To Cat’s Dachshund Friend Peanut

'Dear Kitten' Installment Is Hilarious Tribute To Cat's Dachshund Friend Peanut

This is another installment of the popular online series Dear Kitten. This time around the wise kitty cat is again giving voice-over instruction to the new kitten in the family. The subject this time: his relationship with the family dog who is no longer with them.

As the kitty cat told the kitten when the kitten first arrived he once had a mentor of his own who was his best friend. That mentor was Peanut, the family dog. Peanut had been a hunting dog, although the kitty never actually saw Peanut do any hunting. 😉

The kitty apparently has many memories of Peanut and their time together. One of the memories is how Peanut used to be dressed up in costumes — something the kitty refuses to do and goes into his reasoning.

Another memory was their sparring matches where the kitty would hiss and Peanut would bark. However, the two were still close friends. Watch this funny installment of Dear Kitten just below.

\'Dear Kitten\' Installment Is Hilarious Tribute To Cat\'s Dachshund Friend Peanut