Dog Chained To A Barrel In The Dirt, But Then She Saw This Woman Approaching Her…

Edith had been chained to a barrel in a dirt patch when Jessica Cochran of the Community Animal Project first found her nine years ago. Apparently the family that owned her either couldn’t afford to give her what she needed, or they just didn’t care. But they wouldn’t surrender Edith to someone who could take better care of her.

With time, Jessica started frequently visiting Edith, providing comfort and love, but the family still wouldn’t surrender her. In order to make the dog more comfortable in her derelict surroundings, Jessica worked with PETA to give her a doghouse, treats, fresh food, water, and toys.

Sadly, Edith was moved in 2012 and Jessica had no idea where. She was worried about the dog, fearing the family would chain her up like they did before, without proper food, water and shelter. But luckily, PETA located Edith two years later.

The pooch instantly recognized Jessica! Her owners decided to give her to PETA in 2016 after years of neglect. Jessica didn’t need to think twice when adopting her. Edith felt right at home with her old friend. Let’s just hope other dogs get a second chance at life like she did!

Needless to say, Edith’s reaction at seeing Jessica again and then getting to go home with her was priceless. It brought tears to my eyes to watch this happy reunion of long-time friends.

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Dog Chained To A Barrel In The Dirt, But Then She Saw This Woman Approaching Her...