The Collie Makes The Best Baby Sitter Ever… Watch This And You’ll Laugh Out Loud, Too…

This mom has found the ultimate baby sitter and entertainer all in one package. Pumpkin is a border collie and was an “only child” for over 7 years. He was solo appy to have a new baby brother to play with.

Pumpkin the dog has a ton of energy and he makes good use of it! THe is so excited dog and he runs around the baby making him laugh uncontrollably. I’m sure glad they decided to record this because it definitely put a smile on my face!

There is hardly a moment of silence in the entire video. The baby boy just keeps smiling and laughing and giggling. One one point he laughs so hard we can her him snorts! LOL

These two will be friends for life and are such a joy to watch together. I think I could listen to that giggle all day. It warms our hearts to see this wonderful interaction between human and canine. I’m glad they recorded this ” It sure put a smile on my face! 🙂

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The Collie Makes The Best Baby Sitter Ever... Watch This And You\'ll Laugh Out Loud, Too...