Dog protects diabetic mom with warnings her about her blood sugar level

A heartwarming story of a diabetes patient and her dog was captured on a video melting hearts worldwide. The adorable dog is not just any pet; he is the key to the owner’s survival.

Korey the canine and his owner Laney have a very special bond. Korey is a service dog trained to detect Laney’s blood sugar levels and warn her when running low or high.

In the video, Laney explains the history of her disease and how her new furry savior appeared in her life. Audiences worldwide are flabbergasted by the dog’s intelligence and ability to help its owner.

The dog was trained to detect changes in the smell of his owner’s body odor. He can see dangerous changes in the sugar levels before Laney herself can even feel it.

At night, when she is sleeping, he wakes up when there is danger. He then goes over to her and starts licking her face until she wakes up. He also knows how to switch on the lights when the owner needs to find her apparatus or medicine.

In the video, Korey has also seen sporting shoes around the house. Laney tells the viewers why he is wearing shoes, and it is also a very touching story. Viewers all over the world are blown away by this fantastic story.

One elated viewer commented: ‘Just amazing! A beautiful solution to a difficult issue. I hope this is a trend for people and fur babies all over the world. We all need each other’s love to make it through life gracefully.’

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Dog protects diabetic mom with warnings her about her blood sugar level