When Other Dogs Refused To Play With This Disabled Pooch, Watch What This Donkey Did

It’s no secret that dogs are extremely fun-loving, playful, excitable creatures. Due to their energetic nature, it can be incredibly sad for them when they’re unable to take part in fun activities or run around with their furry friends. Kolima is a pup that had a condition called wobbly syndrome, which made it hard for her to stand up. This prevented her from hanging out with her fellow dogs a lot of the time, because standing would be immensely painful thanks to the troubles she had with her spine.

Because she was a little bit different than the other dogs around, no one would spend much time with her. Then, an affectionate Donkey named Paolo entered Kolima’s life and changed everything. The six-year-old donkey became her very best friend, serving as both a loyal companion and caretaker. Kolima is happier than ever when she’s when her best pal.

The two of them lounge around together often, snuggling close and rolling around in the hay. No one wanted to be friends with Kolima, but that’s when an affection donkey came into her life. Both of their lives have improved drastically thanks to having one another to go through life with, and it’s clear that their bond will only improve as time goes on.

There’s no doubt that being a disabled dog can be incredibly rough, and assistance and love from friends and family is necessary for a happy, healthy life. Some disabled animals are abandoned and neglected by their own herds. Being given some compassion and affection definitely changes things for the better, and Kolima was fortunate enough to find a savior in Paolo.

One can only hope the other disabled animals of the world can find their own Paolos! Watch the video above to see how precious this friendship is. There are few things as touching as witnessing genuine compassion between two totally different species! Be sure to share this heartwarming video with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments!

When Other Dogs Refused To Play With This Disabled Pooch, Watch What This Donkey Did