Drug dog responds amusingly upon hearing this secret word

The reaction of this clever dog whenever he hears the word will surely make you laugh all day.

Dog play a vital role in our lives. They could be our companions when we’re sad or protectors when we’re alone.

However, their skillfulness does not end in the corner of our homes. They could also be of good help in different ways, including catching criminals and thieves.

This is what exactly Dante has experienced during his service as a drug detection K9. However, the training that he goes through is still with him in his new family.

His alertness upon hearing the word is good proof that this clever dog is still in the game of catching bad guys even after being retired from his post. Well done, officer.

Whether we find it as a hilarious or serious response, one thing is sure, Dante’s reaction teaches us that dogs are indeed loyal and dedicated to their service.

We want to thank Dante for his faithful service to the noble cause of law enforcement and we wish him a very happy retirement.


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♬ original sound – Davey Rutherford

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Drug dog responds amusingly upon hearing this secret word