Equestrian skis across a grassy field with the help of her horses

Emma Massingale, a horse trainer, and adventurer like to ski on the grass. She makes it possible to use special skis that are similar to normal skis but they have tracks on them.

The most important part of being able to ski on the grass is her horses. She had a special harness built that can strap around the horse. It has a handle she can hold onto so she can be pulled by them.

She noted that the weather was fantastic. Clear sky, no rain, and a bright yellow sun hanging high above them, it was the perfect time to take her horses out for a stroll.

With her, she prepared two ponies and a horse for her grass skiing session. The two ponies were 3-year-old Sebastian, and 5-year-old Claude. The horse was 8-year-old Evenos.

The ponies had a great time pulling Emma. It took a lot of their strength, but they were able to run across the field. She made sure they got a good drink of water after their exercise.

Evenos had no problem pulling on Emma. He was so big that she had a problem seeing ahead of them to spot any bumps in the grass. It was a fun and surprising ride.

As far as equestrians go, Emma does not ride her horses in the typical fashion. She makes it look easy, but with one hand on a handle and the other holding the reins, it is a very difficult activity.

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Equestrian skis across a grassy field with the help of her horses