Fed Up Cat Owner Considers Declawing His Cat

A note from the Author

No, it is not ok to declaw a cat.  Again, no it is not ok to declaw a cat.  Now let’s call this process what it really is, and that is amputation. I say this with experience from working with animal rescue networks. First I want you to imagine the tips of your fingers where your fingernails were removed. This is what you are doing to a cat. This leads to pain in their paws as well as back since they are not walking properly as you would if you lost your toes. Worse, necrosis of the tissue in their paws.  This also, often, leads to behavior problems such as stop using their litter boxes.  Many vets are no longer doing the process, my own vet refuses.

So please do not get your cat(s) declawed. If you are considering getting a cat, but value your furniture more than a fluffy companion, please do not get a cat.

Curtis Jr. is a sweet kitty doing normal kitty things. His owner is frustrated with his kitty antics though and is considering declawing him so he won’t tear up paper towels anymore.

Jackson Galaxy pays a visit to Curtis and his cat Curtis Jr. While he sees no unusual behavior from the cat, he does see some unreasonable expectations from the owner, who although raised with cats does not seem to understand how cats really behave.

After some tough talk about how inhumane declawing is, Jackson leaves the pair with homework, which mostly involves creating cat-friendly spaces in the apartment and providing Curtis Jr. with a routine that includes playtime.

Fed Up Cat Owner Considers Declawing His Cat