Friendship blooms between butterfly and puppy

Nothing complicated, just cute puppy Emy and her new other butterfly decided to have some fun!

Just a 2-minute video, but how many pleasant emotions after it. How nice it is to watch such an unusual friendship between a puppy and a butterfly.

Watch the puppy Emy as she plays with her flying visitor. Animal friendship has no boundaries and we can see it in this two-minute video.

The pup Emy found an unusual friend for herself. We can watch the Butterfly having fun and playing with the little puppy. This is one of the sweet tales of friendship.

Emy’s pup found herself an unusual mate. We can see the Butterfly playing with the little puppy happily. We can all agree that this is one of the cutes friendship stories.

There is nothing complicated here, and there’s no collision at all, we are just talking and watching how a pup and a butterfly are having fun.

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Friendship blooms between butterfly and puppy