Precious Lab Puppy Meets His New Family

After one final bath, this adorable Labrador puppy was ready to go home to his forever family.

At High Desert Labradors, precious puppy Lil Naz was the last member of his litter to find a forever home. However, the day finally came when his new family arrived.

Lil Naz received a soothing and luxurious warm bath as a final treat before meeting his new family. Clean, dry, and freshly scented, Lil Naz was ready for cuddles.

His new family was ready to oblige as soon as they walked through the door, holding him close and stroking his soft fur while he enjoyed every moment.

Although it was an emotional moment for his previous owners – as well as his Labrador mother – Lil Naz made a successful transition to his new home.

Now newly renamed Saint, this adorable puppy is making lots of Labrador friends at his wonderful forever home. It promises to be a good life ahead for him.

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Precious Lab Puppy Meets His New Family