Giant Friendly Dog Meets Teeny Tiny Aloof Kitten

Dogs chase cats, and cats swat back. At least, that’s what normally happens. When an English family welcomes a kitten into their home, it leaves them curious as to what their big dog will do.

When the two animals meet, it’s pretty clear that the relationship is not like most dogs and cats. The dog wants nothing more than to be this tiny kitten’s best friend, but the kitten seems disinterested.

Instead of playing with the doggo, the kitten pays no mind and just cleans itself. The dog, clearly upset with big, staring eyes, keeps poking at the kitten for attention. However, nothing seems to work.

By the end of the video, it’s clear that the relationship is unchanging. The doggo’s puppy dog eyes aren’t working on this tiny kitty. Pup – 0. Kitten – 1.

When a new kitten is introduced to a big family dog, the owners didn\'t know what to expect. Thankfully, the meet was sweeter than it could be. #dog #cat #animals #meeting